by Deborah Davis

Released 2011
Got My Own Records
Released 2011
Got My Own Records
sultry, seductive, swinging, vocal jazz infused with a whole lot of soul
This CD is vocal jazz fused with a bit of gospel, Texas blues, soul , a natural flowing charm, a distinct style of phrasing, and an extraordinary singing ability. The accompanying musicians are a number of New York City's best. They are all known touring and session jazz musicians. You'll enjoy the vocalist own arrangements of some of the American Songbook standards, popular blues and a few other whimsical swing tunes.
The first 5 tracks were recorded …
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No Ways Tired

by Deborah Davis

Released 2003
Got My Own Records
Released 2003
Got My Own Records
......She tells her stories with a disciplined personal passion, immediacy, and a mosaic of textures that can be so compelling, you can still hear her after the music stops. - - - - Nat Hentoff
In all the arts, the writers, painters, composers who have lasted and kept on resonating in our lives have their own story to tell. A personal, and therefore, original story. Charlie Parker put it best: "Music is your own experience, your thoughts, your wisdom. If you don't live it, it won't come out of your horn. They teach you there's a boundary line to music. But, man there's no boundary …
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Only Part of Me

by Deborah Davis

Released 2002
Got My Own Records
Released 2002
Got My Own Records
Deborah has a warm angelic, yet sultry voice that seduces audiences while she sings straight ahead classics, and hard swinging jazz from the depths of her soul. Featuring: Ron Affif -guitar, Ben Wolfe-bass, Greg Hutchinson - drums
DEBO's premier CD came about after doing a regular duo gig in New York City with Ron Affif and Ben Wolfe. We were all having so much fun we felt there was nothing left to do but record. Deborah ran into Greg Hutchinson in the village one day, who ask what she was up to . When she told him her plans to record, he wanted in on the fun. It's a pretty much unrehearsed, spontaneous, …
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  • 10/17/2019
    Light The Night Walk - New York City, NY




2018 Went out with a bang. I left my NYE gig and headed to JFK for a tour in Asia. First stop Guangzhou. Now Malaysia, Xi'an ( gonna stop in and see those Terracotta Warriors) , Beijing, Singapore, with more to come. Stay tuned. 2019 is gonna be LIT!

Bucket List Check Off's........

Got a sneak peak at the swimming pool on top of Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore on Monday,January 20, 2019


Monday August 27, 2018 Climbed 9 miles on the Great Wall of CHINA!  After singing @ the Blue Note Beijing that week!

Lots of FUN !


My 21st Annual Jazz Benefit for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society is scheduled for April 1st, 2019, raised $3260


My 20th Annual Jazz Benefit for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society raised $6050 on APRIL 2, 2018 @ Blue Note Jazz Club. 
Grand Total To Date:  $91,166.48

STARTED OFF 2019 WITH A BANG!!!! Went to meet some Crazy Rich Asians with January Asian tour,  and had a blast doing so!!

SURVIVED record breaking BLIZZARD in New York City January 22, 2016 

JUST BACK from 6 months tour in Hong Kong and Bangkok, Thailand January 1, 2016 

#3 on in New York City

----------OLD NEWS----------

As an Indie Artist doing my own Booking (International Tours) 

SEPTEMBER 2015 - DECEMBER 2015  Bangkok, Thailand Sheraton Grand

JULY 2015   Hong Kong , Four Seasons Hotel 

APRIL 2015  Hong Kong 

MARCH 2015  Bangkok, Thailand 

JANUARY 2014 Istanbul Turkey

MARCH 2014 Dubai

DECEMBER 2013 Makhachkala, Russia

DECEMBER2013 Prague Czech Republic 

NOVEMBER 2013 Minsk Belaruse

NOVEMBER 2013 Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Perm, RUSSIA

MARCH 2013 Russian Tour

DECEMBER 2012 Moscow Philharmonic Hall, Moscow RUSSIA 

SEPTEMBER 2012 Kazan, Moscow, RUSSIA

AUGUST 2012 Iceland Jazz Festival, Reykajavik

APRIL 2012 Pisa, Pistoria, Lucca Gartagnana, Livorno, Cassciana Terme, ITALY

MARCH 2012 Istanbul Jazz Center, Istanbul TURKEY



APRIL2011 Athens,Greece

MAY 2011 Siberia,RUSSIA




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