My Family of Poets

My family is known for silly poems. I got a feeling it all started with my father who would recite poems at the strangest of times. I remember my one and only brother JR had a habit of driving mom crazy making so much NOISE around the house. Dad would spit out a poem from "who knows where". He said it so many times that I can recite it here without hesitation...........


There are such things that a boy can do

He can whistle so loud till the air turns blue 

He can make all the sounds of the beast and the birds 

And a thousand other sounds you've never heard 

This world would be , God bless their noise 

A dull old place, without little boys 


Other than that my father had other great quotes that also live with me today. One in particular keeps me out of trouble. 

"He who acts a fool with a fool, is a bigger damn fool than the fool he's acted a fool with" 

I've alway been happy that I know this one. People will totally test your nerves.  The funniest thing about dad and his poetry was that he had a nick name "STONE FACE" to the guys who wanted to take out all his daughters. He didn't much smile unless it was absolutely necessary. I think the guys would tease, if you want to take out one of those Davis girls you'd better be sure you wear a suite cause stone face is gonna meet you at the door.  Dad was what I called pretty even tempered, until the need to be otherwise. 




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