HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my home buoy Cedar Walton, born in Dallas, Tx 1934 - 2013. May he RIP . I may have come along a lot later, but I met Cedar in the Forest Theater in my neighborhood South Dallas. I had taken a piano player from college to see him as I was his protection to go into that part of town. If you know what I mean. He is of the Anglo variety.  WE sat there listening to the music and I could not keep still. My head was bobbing as I danced in my seat. I saw Cedar catch a glimpse of me enjoying myself. From that night I clearly remember learning Cedar's arrangement of "MY SHIP". This was a song I had heard before but now, I was really into his tempo and arrangement on this particular tune. After the show my friend went to meet Cedar and to introduced himself.  As he attempted  to shake Cedar's  hand,  Cedar moved him aside and said, "forget about you, who is this young lady you have with you" (referring to me as he smiled and turned in my direction). No! Cedar wasn't flirting. It's just that he thought I was about 14 years old and he was impressed at how into the music I was. I told him I was 19 and went to NTSU but my parents lived there in South Dallas. We all got a good laugh out of it. By the time I moved to NYC, whenever I would run into Cedar at Bradley's he always remembered me and would call me "TEXAS". I never expected him to remember my name. Hey, Sarah Vaughn called me Bb. (LOL) I didn't expect her to remember my name either.  Once at Bradley's Cedar gave me a chart to a tune he had written, and told me he wanted me to sing it with him. WE never got around to doing that tune, but every time I sing "My Ship" I'm thinking of Cedar Walton. Will be celebrating his birthday tomorrow night Jan.18, at SMOKE JAZZ CLUB. Come and join in the celebration. I'll be the TEXAS bell with a smile always bobbing my head. Much Respect Cedar Walton. You're missed! RIP!

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