Hong Kong, China807 contribution Nothing but the blues     Dec 2021 • Couples We’ve been to the Darkside jazz bar at the Rosewood many times since it opened in 2018. Surprisingly, we only discovered Deborah Davis last night and she’s been performing 5 nights a week for a few months now. How did we miss her all this time? Luckily, we caught her performing last night.    Her vocals and onstage presence was effortless and natural. She really brought us back in time with her renditions of the Blues. Every Thursdays is Blues night. Nothing but the blues. We will definitely go back on Jazz nights as we are big jazz fans. We can’t wait!    27-12- 2021 -    vincybie

Dan / Christmas Day / Christmas Stay at Rosewood   “ After the dinner we were then guided to Dark Side and without a booking were provided a table on the floor close to front with a fabulous performance by Deborah Davis. Deborah Davis and the band were incredible. Great night, would definitely be back. Made our Christmas!"  We left the hotel with very special memories and cannot wait to return. Thank you all.”    25 December 2021

 Raven Nice / Hong Kong / Best Jazz place in HK!     Dec 2021 • Friends  香港沒太多好的爵士酒吧,來到這裏你會非常滿意。有好的服務和雞尾酒,而且現場表演十分到位,樂手和歌手都是一流的。 Cocktails and service are both remarkable. DarkSide is my go-to bar in the Tsim Sha Tsui area. Always enjoyed the Jazz live performance here, great musicians and singer. I really enjoy the 1920s Great Gatsby vibe. Make sure you arrive before 7pm to grab a table with the best view!    December 22, 2021

Len Nguyen / Hong Kong Island, China  / Authentic Jazz , Beautiful bar , delicious drinks /   I had a staycation at the Rosewood hotel for 3 nights and for all three nights , I went to Darkside for drinks.Why? Because of the live Jazz performance , the amazing atmosphere and lovely drinks.Being from New Orleans and New York , authentic and fun jazz performances are a rarity here in Hong Kong , seeing Darkside have a band with so much passion and understanding of Jazz really what made us come back over and over again. We heard the same set twice on Monday and Tuesday but it did not get old (good Jazz never does).   We definitely will be back and can't wait for when we do.    December 23, 2021

“5 Stars: Album Review: Incredible Talent I found out about Deborah Davis by accident but I am glad I did. You will not believe that this lady is still an indie artist. She may be the best unsigned talent I have ever heard. I honestly don\'t know anyone who sings better than her. While she is definitely a traditional style jazz vocalist she can,. without doing anything odd or unusual, somehow manage to sound fresh and original in ways that I have never heard anyone else be able to do. Her material covers everything from straight-ahead and jazz standards to a gospel-spiritual tune and everything in between. The difference being that when you hear her do a standard you will think that you are really hearing it for the first time and that you have never heard it sung any better. She\'s an as yet undiscovered National Treasure and this is one of my favorite recordings in years. Buy it, It\'s one of those rare recordings that come along every once in awhile that is just absolutely perfect.” 

- Brian Kelley, CD Baby Album Review (May 22, 2010)

To hear her once is to fall in love with vocalist Deborah Davis (DeBo). Whatever her repertoire on any given evening, she draws the listener into her intimate space and shares her experiences through line and lyric. Playful and deliberate, DeBo’s phrasing serves the music and the spirit of spontaneity. Versatility and enthusiasm for jazz earned her the opportunity to travel the world as a musical ambassador, formally representing the U.S. across Latin America. DeBo has collaborated with legends and emerging artists including Ray Brown, Lionel Hampton, Clark Terry, Christian McBride and Gerald Clayton, and she has opened for a range of iconic artists from Diana Ross and Celine Dion to Jill Scott and Alanis Morissette. For this 20th Annual Jazz Benefit for Leukemia & Lymphoma, she’s joined by Ben Rosenblum, Corcoran Holt and Ben Zweig. SJ” - SJ

HOT House jazz guide April 2018

Deborah you do more than just sing my dear.  You captivate the attention of your audience!!!” - George Gray ( drummer)

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July - Dec.. 2015

“Unfailing quality” 5 of 5 Stars, December 2015  " New Years Eve was celebrated with the regular Randy Cannon jazz band with vocals this year by Deborah Davis. Jazz fans would probably find no better place in Bangkok. - Scott5297 from UK ( Trip Advisor Review) re: The Living Room @ Grand Sheraton , Sukhumvit, Bangkok, Thailand  December 2015 

“Great jazz singer” 5 of 5 stars, December 2015 " there is a great jazz band there. Really talented singer from NYC. Deborah, has been singing since she was 3 years old and has talent".  -  Gerry D ( Trip Advisor Review) re: The Living Room @ Grand Sheraton Sukhumvit, Bangkok,  Thailand 

“Best Hotel Lounge Ever!” 5 of 5 stars, December 2015  - “The lounge transitions to a Fabulous jazz club after 9:30 with and Amazing American singer Deborah Davis.The Living Room is also 1 of 3 hotel "Club Lounge" bars for SPG platinum members.  -David M from Singapore, ( Trip Advisor Review ) re: The Living Room @ Grand Sheraton Sukhumvit, Bangkok, Thailand 

“Cool place... great Jazz singer” 5 of 5 stars, December 2015 “I had a great chance to meet the Texan Jazz singer coming from Broadway Ms. "Deborah Davis". She came to Living Room at Sheraton and I really enjoyed her music , the way she sings is fascinating " smooth like  breezes" that gets you on the mood pretty quick!! - Yas H ( Trip Advisor Review) re: The Living Room @ Grand Sheraton Sukhumvit, Bangkok, Thailand 

“Smooth Jazz in Bangkok” 5 of 5 stars, December 2015 , If you wanna enjoy with jazz, I fully recommend this bar.  Living Room is located in centre of bangkok.The Jazz team was great and cocktail as well. No matter what you are single or couple , you will have a good time with smooth jazz music. The  singer, Deborah, had a great voice and sessions played fantastic!! Thank you for giving me a good time to listen fabulous Jazz  - Ericnam from Busan , So. Korea ( Trip Advisor Review) re: The Living Room @ Grand Sheraton Sukhumvit, Bangkok, Thailand 

“Annoying Waitresses, Average food, GREAT JAZZ " 3 of 5 stars“...... On the contrary, the black singer, Deborah, and the band, were great! This meant that our 40 minute trip from the other side of town wasn't all in vain!  - Jeannie-Liz , from Thones, France ( Trip Advisor Review) re: The Living Room@ Grand Sheraton Sukhumvit, Bangkok, Thailand 

“Live Jazz”  5 of 5 Stars, November 2015 "We caught Deborah Davis live with the jazz band and had a great time. Power house vocals  with great stage presence and wonderful fun personality. We loved the evening because it had  all the right ingredients; beautiful environment, excellent music!!! Wonderful special guest The Divine Deborah Davis!!!"  - Jana C ( Trip Advisor Review ) re: The Living Room @ Grand Sheraton Sukhumvit, Bangkok, Thailand. 

“Enjoyable Saturday night” 5 of 5 Stars, October 24, 2015 " the music ever was first class, jazz trio topped with a great voice......Deborah Davis. The voice and selection of music just finished the evening of nicely." - Stephen I ( Trip Advisor Review) re: The Living Room @ Grand Sheraton Sukhumvit, Bangkok, Thailand 

“Best jazz band in Asia - Deborah Davis Outstanding” 5 of 5 stars, October 2015  We went to see Deborah Davis at The Living Room Jazz Bar in this hotel. The whole trip was centered on experiencing the best music possible in Thailand, if not Asia. Ms. Davis is currently doing a contract in this hotel and as we had heard her in Hong Kong, we knew what we would get: New York jazz at its best. However, we were pleasantly surprised to hear the accompanying musicians were well above the norm and were able to accompany an artist of Ms. Davis' calibre to the hilt. Jazz is another language and so it is absolutely amazing to find a hotel in Asia that respects the traditions and employes the finest musicians to honor the tradition. Songs we heard ranged from the famous Charlie Chaplin, Smile to Duke Ellington's Lucky So-andSo. The range was impressive.If you are an jazz afIcionado or just simply want to know what the fuss is all about, go listen to the magnificent voice of Ms. Davis.” - Maureen B,(Trip Advisor Review) re: Living Room@Grand Sheraton Sukhumvit, Bangkok, Thailand 

“Wow” 5 of 5 Stars , September 20, 2015 “We love the singer so much,her voice is amazing.If you are the jazz lover must visit here. You gonna love them. - Anastasia H ( Trip Advisor Review) re: The Living Room @ Grand Sheraton Sukhumvit, Bangkok, Thailand 

“Amazing place for a (rather expensive) drink with great live music.”4 of 5 stars, September 2, 2015 "But what really made our evening was the live performance of Deborah Davis and her band. I am definitely going back." - JimHubert2(Trip Advisor Review)re: Blue Bar@Four Seasons Hotel, Hong Kong 

“Overpriced drinks but listening to singer Deborah Davis was worth it.” 5 of 5 stars, August 17, 2015 " really if it was not the fact that they had a a great singer Deborah Davis I would not have come and stayed at this bar. - Howie X  re: Blue Bar @ Four Seasons Hotel, Hong Kong 

“Great Music” 5 of 5 stars, August 14, 2015 Deborah Davis was outstanding last night singing a collection of standards and not-so standards. I'll definitely be back before this trip ends! " - Michael P. re: Blue Bar @ Four Seasons Hotel, Hong Kong 

“Amazing Deborah Davis & Drinks” 5 of 5 Stars, August 3, 2015 Stayed almost until the end because of the magnificent jazz singer (Deborah Davis) who charmed us with her energy, voice and mastery. The bill was hefty, but worth every penny given the voice and talent of that lady! We'll be back for more... Rolls R ( Trip Advisor Review) Blue Bar@ Four Seasons Hotel, Hong Kong Deborah Davis Press: ( Last 6 Months Reviews July - December 2015 ) 

Last night we attended Deborah Davis’s wonderful concert at Kaldalón in Harpa and were immediately absorbed by her cheerful personality and fantastic voice. Her interpretations of Abbey Lincoln’s “When There is Love” and her poem ‘The Kiss’ were indeed memorable." -------- Luis E. Arreaga ( U.S. Ambassador of Iceland)” - Ambassador Luis E. Arreaga

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